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A Guide to Garage Door Openers

The latest garage doors are no longer the traditional roll-up ones, which have to be operated by hand. Nowadays, garage door openers are manufactured with various safety devices and accessories to make garage door operations easier.

Does not matter how heavy your garage door is, it can be fitted easily with an electric garage door opener. Well, these garage door openers are designed to ensure the safety and security of your belongings under any circumstance. They are available with several designs and functions to choose from which suits best your requirements and budget. The best point about the electric garage door opener is that it can be installed easily within 3 to 5 hours if you perform this task on your own.  A professional garage door expert can install and adjust an electric garage door opener in just one hour. Visit here to get more information about the garage door and its important components.

There are two types of garage door openers depending on the needs of customers, one is residential, and the other is commercial. There is a wide variety of models in the commercial range of openers such as, Jackshaft, Trolley, Hoist, and the Slide garage door opener. Well, a trolley opener is used for the standard lifting on the regular sectional garage door. And Jackshift is installed to operate the rolling, grilles, and shutters garage doors. Hoist openers are operated in a similar way to Jackshifts but they are ideal for the operations of the heavy-duty industrial garage door. Furthermore, the slide garage door opener is used for single, bi-parting slide garage door and fire garage door as well.

The main factor which should be considered while purchasing a garage door opener is to check the actual drive force. There are three types of garage door openers depending on the drive system including, chain-driven, belt-driven, and direct driven garage door opener. Other important points that should be considered while buying the right garage door opener are the kind of motor and horsepower of the opener. They differ in functionality and speed as well. The average speed of the opener is 7 inches lift per second or more. There are also some openers that operate at even double this speed. 

Garage door openers come under various types of warranties. Protection and safety is another important considerable aspect while choosing a reliable garage door opener. It is essential that all the automatic garage doors with electric opener should be equipped with an invisible beam safety system which can sense the existence of any person or object to stops and reverse the garage door to its opened position. Other important safety garage door opener features include a timed reversing feature, automatic blinking lights, force adjustment, and a manual emergency release cord.

Traditional garage door openers are normally noisier but advanced models of electric garage openers are being designed to be really quiet. Regular garage door maintenance and lubrication will eliminate the noises created by the opener. Overall, the right garage door opener should be safe, weather resistance, and should have advanced wire exposure for its long life run. The garage door having an electric opener can also be operated through a remote. Therefore, it is suggested that it is good to use a rolling signal code technology to control the opener because it is easy for the thieves to trace the code from thin air. Electric garage door openers can also facilitate you with other features such as remote control, automatic light, wall operator, and multiple button transmitters.

Common Reasons to Call a Garage Door Repair Professional

Garage door is a wonderful machine but when it works. A well-functional garage door will make your life convenient and easier. Modern garage doors come with an electric garage door opener and sensor so that you can operate the garage door without leaving your vehicle.

These types of garage doors are quiet and efficient. Most homeowners don’t even bother to look after the garage door until they do not need to open or close it. Many garage doors can cause serious accidents. Like anything else, they need to be maintained and repaired occasionally to prevent any major problem. There are possibilities that you will experience any malfunction during the existence of the garage door. Garage door springs can snap and mounting brackets can become loose due to frequent use. Are you looking for a professional technician to solve garage door problems? Visit here to avail of reliable and excellent services near you.

The garage door mechanism is a combination of several parts. If one of them fails, the garage door will not perform well. What is even more disturbing is that you do not estimate that the average weighs in 500 pounds. It is not an ordinary object that you can take for granted. If your garage door is a couple of years old it is a good time to call an experienced technician to visit your place and inspect the condition and alignment of the door. Don’t wait for it to be malfunctioned when the repair will be more costly.

Nowadays garages are used for more than just a parking place. You can store tools and other household items in the garage. The most important thing is that you may use your garage door as the main entrance. The last thing you may want is to operate the garage door conveniently without much effort. If you don’t have a functional garage door, you may be lost many things. In the worst situations, you or your family member may be getting badly injured.

If your garage door seems unaligned and non-functional, it is a time to call an experienced technician. By hiring a professional garage door company, you will be able to know what the problem is and how it will be solved. Most professionals have handy tools on their hands when they come to inspect your garage door. If your garage door encountered minor problems, you can solve them on your own. If you experienced any major issue and technician diagnose that something is very serious they can schedule an appointment and order required accessories to fix the garage door thoroughly. During the garage door repair project, it is also good to avoid using the malfunctioned door, at least until it is repaired.

You can fix the small problems on your own including replacing the batteries of garage door opener, tightening the loose mounting brackets, and oiling the moving parts. For the major garage door issues, you will have to choose a professional garage door technician to do a job.