Common Garage Door Repairs Tasks

Garage door repair may not be as simple as car fixes project to handle on your own. As mechanical instruments, garage doors have the tendency to break down or fail if they are not cleaned and maintained properly. There is no need to mention here that garage doors are normally dependable when it comes to performance and functionality. However, negligence of garage door maintenance and extreme climate conditions may hamper the texture and performance of garage doors. This article will focus on common garage door repair problems in order to better assist the needs of homeowners. Remember that garage door is best handled by certified and professional garage door companies such as, Ace Garage Door Repair to restore their performance. 

  • Damaged garage door repair tracks:

If garage door jumps and jolts during its operations then the garage door problems could be with the metal tracks that are responsible for garage door movements. It is a most common issue of garage doors. Inspect the metal tracks thoroughly to find out the sign of damages. Any dent simply can be fixed with the help of hammer.

  • Alignment of metal tracks:

If the garage doors tracks are not dented then chances are there that the metal tracks are not aligned properly causing the garage door to go off the path. Garage door tracks alignment is essential for the smooth functioning of garage door. You just need to loosen the screws and gently tap the tracks into their original position.

  • Fix the squeaky sounds of garage door:

Aside from the general clattering sounds of garage door, other audible sounds should be fixed immediately. A common issue of garage door is the loud sound that is heard when garage door goes up and down. It is a visible sign of poor lubrication. You should apply WD-40 or any other good lubrication to oil the rollers and tracks.

  • Malfunction garage door opener:

Garage door opener is used to send and receive signals to operate the garage door. If garage door opener is not working, the first thing to do is to inspect the garage door to make sure that it is getting enough power supply. Latest models of openers come with backup power supply. In addition to this, try to find out the signs of damages and rust. If it is does not solve the issues, it means that garage door opener may be damaged which need to be replaced with the new ones.

  • Non-working garage door remote:

It is a simplest garage door repair task. To fix the issue, you need to replace the garage door batteries. If garage door opens and closes perfectly using a wall-mounted keypad, then you need to buy a new remote.

There are few common garage door repair tasks that you can easily handle on your own. But is it always wise to seek professional advice of garage door technicians.  They have right expertise to answer all the questions.

The Importance of Garage Door Maintenance Techniques

The garage door is an important system for any house. These garage doors have a great impact on the curb appeal, exterior quality, and security of the house. With proper garage door maintenance services, you may experience costly repair and replacement projects. Since the garage door is the largest moving object in a house and potentially operates multiple times a day. Although a garage door is created to last periodic garage door care and maintenance are needed. If you regularly maintain your garage door, it will reward you with an efficient service and long life. Here are some garage door maintenance tips to get your work started.

Basic garage door maintenance work:

Some garage door parts need regular care. Every three to six months, inspect the garage door thoroughly keeping the garage door closed to find out the signs of rust, loose hardware, wear and tear, loose cables, and broken parts. While opening and closing the garage door, observe the operations for squeaky sounds. Apply a light-quality silicone spray on the rollers, tracks, hinges, and springs. Wash the garage door using a mild household detergent and a soft brush. If you have a wooden garage door, re-polish the surface and apply sealer each year. In the last check, the weather seals around the garage door and replace the cracked or damaged parts.

Professional garage door maintenance services:

Although a technical person can perform some garage door maintenance work a professional garage door service should be called for some complex jobs. If you have torsion springs then periodic professional garage door maintenance is important to keep springs operating properly. Garage door springs can break and possibly cause damage. 

Automatic garage door opener maintenance: 

The garage door opener also needs periodic maintenance services probably once a year. The optic eyes of sensors and the reversing mechanism of a garage door should be tested and maintained to prevent accidents. Use a long-handled tool to wave between the sensors of the garage door which are placed at the bottom of a garage door. If the system is working correctly, the garage door will reverse and re-open.

To test the reversing mechanism of the garage door, place a roll of tissues on the floor where the garage door will hit. If the system is in a good working position, it will reverse the garage door upon hitting the object. Finally check the remote control and keypad to avoid any hassle.

A professional garage door company has the required experience and tools to test and maintain the critical parts of the garage door. Having professional services at least once a year is recommended. With just a few garage door maintenance services, you can rest assured that your garage door will be safe to operate.

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