Common Problems of Garage Doors

Garage door repair project is a common thing. There are many issues that can happen with the garage door. Having garage door fail to function properly can be frustrating and dangerous. Some of the garage door problems can be avoided with the help of general garage door maintenance services, professional garage door services such as, Marietta garage door repair may be required if they are ignored for too long. In this article, you will learn more about common garage door problems. As always if any issues happen, professional garage door help should be called.

When your garage door sagging from side to side:

After a while, the garage door may wiggle from side to side while going up and down. It may also move unevenly. In this case, the tracks should be checked and cleaned to remove the debris and dust. Make sure that garage door tracks are cleaned and aligned that will allow the rollers to run smoothly. If the tracks are in good working condition, check the garage door springs to make sure that they are tensed properly.

Sticking garage door while going up and down:

The problem could be caused by dented or obstructed garage door tracks. Once you ensure that the tracks are free from obstruction, they should lubricate so that the rollers move smoothly. It is important to note here that lubrication plays an important role in the performance of garage door. If cleaning and lubrication do not help to solve the issues, make sure that springs are adjusted properly. You should call professional garage door technicians to manage these parts.

Garage door fails to function:

Eventually, the garage door opener get malfunction. The first thing to do is to check the batteries of the remote and make sure that the opener is plugged in properly. Make sure that the photo eyes of sensors are cleaned and good working condition. If they fail to function, it is time to readjust the sensors.

Garage door drops while going down:

It might be rapid and uncontrollable drop. It normally happens just because of broken springs of garage door. Keep your garage door closed before inspecting any component as it could be risky to someone standing around. In the event of damages, it is extremely important to call professional garage door repair technicians. Serious injuries happen without right knowledge, training, and equipment.

Garage door problems will eventually happen. Most issues can be avoided by performing routine garage door maintenance services such as, removing the debris, lubricating the loving hardware. Some tasks need professional assistance with adequate training, tools, and knowledge.