Angelyn O.

To be honest, I never knew about the Brillobox before until my friends brought me here one time when we celebrated a birthday. I actually thought it was just another restaurant but I was really surprised that it was better than I thought. They have amazing dishes and have really great services from the staff. I really loved the cozy ambiance as well so it was really fun hanging out here! I do hope to experience more great things in this place soon when I come back.

Kiana F.

I always go to this place because I really love watching their shows especially when they have amazing guests who perform all the time. The events they hold always make me stay for hours and order more drinks unlike what I initially expected. Although I love the shows, I also love how much the dishes taste really good so I keep coming back for more!

Daniel K.

I came here with a friend of mine last week and I thought she wouldn’t like the place. It shocked me when she said that she was really awed because of the relaxing ambiance and great dishes of this restaurant. Knowing that she’s actually a critic when it comes to these kinds of places, I was more than glad that she loved being here. What made us more captivated by Brillobox was their staff who were very nice and welcoming to guests and customers. No matter how much the food taste good and the place looks good, it’s still important that the staff and people here provide excellent service.

David J.

Loving this place more because of the events they hold and the shows, of course! I really like how they guest so many people to perform and make the ambiance of the place so much better! This place is absolutely great.