About Us

Brillobox, a place that expands a restaurant and combines it with a bar, was built 10 years ago. Way back, an entrepreneur planned to create his own business. When he was still a kid, he always admired how cooks and chefs create masterpieces that were always served on plates, even the way home-cooked food are presented impressed him for everything is appealing to him. His parents were both chefs so it was not surprising that he actually loved to make cook and create culinary masterpieces as well even as a young kid and grow to be an enthusiast of cooking. Everyone thought he will be taking his parents’ path and be a culinary chef as well. However, as he was growing up, he realized that being a cook is not just what he wanted to achieve. Yes, he learned how to be a great cook and served many people, but that wasn’t enough for him.

He wanted to do more, achieve more success and be one of the amazing entrepreneurs in the world. That was when he became a real restaurant owner. At first, it was not easy but he used the knowledge he had to put up a great business in the culinary field. As a chef, he knew how to create dishes and drinks so he worked as a chef in his own restaurant for a very long time. He hired a lot of trustworthy people and staff and that was when his restaurant grew bigger and bigger.

His parents couldn’t be more proud of their son’s success. They were happy he was able to serve a lot of people and share his culinary skills with others. Food are like masterpieces meant to be given to everyone. We hope you will experience more great things in Brillobox!